Time out for mom

My kids are on vacation…weird right? They have been gone a week, which has been somewhat of a vacation for mommy. No making lunches, breaking up fights about who had the stuffed baby puppy first, no searching of socks for school, no drop offs and pick ups, and no screaming kids to annoy everyone at Target because no one wants to sit in the damn cart…So what have I done in my time out?

Well Sunday, I took our pass to Adventure Island, the water park here, and floated in whats called the lazy river because for once I got to be lazy in the lazy river! Thats the one thing I wanted to do. And I must say it was everything I could have imagined it to be. Oh, and tomorrow I’ll get to go grocery shopping alone.

Big win!

But of course while they are gone I also won’t have their good night kisses, random Taylor Swift dance parties, no little monsters to sneak in my bed at night to cuddle with, no wonderful afternoon ramblings about everyone’s day. So yes, mommy time out is great for mommy to relax and re-energize just as long as it isn’t for too long…

I need my girls as much as they need me.

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  1. Guess who has a pass to BG and Adventure Island. ‍♂️ Lazy River when the park opens again. And yes, I’m reading these again. P.S. I still miss Fab Friday!

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