Oh, this is a big topic for me: Image.

How many people out there would have you believe that their life is all well and perfect? They are rich, happy, have a great job with an awesome paycheck, or they basically just have it all together… Well I call bull shit.

Sorry for the language folks, but sometimes there are no good substitute words for what really is.

I see this all the time.

People who make their lives seem perfect. They have nice cars, they have a wonderful marriage, they have great jobs, they throw amazing parties, their kids go to the best schools… so in part their lives must be great?! If that’s true, then more power to them and I wish them all the happiness in the world. My issue is when people make their lives seem one way but it’s really another. No one is perfect. We all have our own issues. I’m not saying by any means that we need to go out and post our business all over Facebook so everyone knows. I’m saying don’t act perfect when you ain’t.

Don’t act fake.

I, for one, tried living this way for a long time.

I wondered what people would think of me if I left my husband. What then? Would people look at me and judge me? The image of our perfect family would surely fall apart. We wouldn’t look like the way a family should. And then what about the fact that I’m 30 living in my grandma’s house with my three kids? How would that look to all my family, friends, and outsiders? When the reality was… no one had to walk in my shoes but me! No one else had to live my life so why should I care? I was doing what was best for my family. I knew that in my heart, so why should I care? I cared because people do care what others think of them. However, I’ll tell you the most freeing point in your life comes when you decide you don’t have to care what they think. I had to restart my entire life and no it didn’t “look” pretty. But you know what? It felt great!

It feels great.

If you do have the picture perfect life, and by picture perfect I only mean by society’s standards, then I truly am happy for you. But if you don’t, if you come from a single parent family or maybe you lost your significant other, or maybe you just got knocked down and had to rebuild your life, maybe you never married, remember the quote at the top of this post. What matters is how you feel on the inside and not what your life appears to be to everyone around you. God can take it all away in an instant and you could be left with nothing. That big paycheck could come to an end one day out of the blue. What would you be left with?

Would you still be better than your neighbor?

Would you be better than anyone?

Are you now?

Take your life and make if great regardless of your circumstance and what others might think about you. Be honest and real because in the end, what really matters?

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  1. You, daughter are the best part of me. I am so proud of who you have become. You are a great mom and a great person. I love you Mom

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