Now I lay me down to sleep

Bed time prayerI have said this prayer so many times it’s ingrained in my brain. My girls and I say this ALMOST every night. It’s a ritual, part of the bedtime routine.

I strive to maintain a routine for bedtime. As any parent will tell you it’s a necessity. I can’t even begin to stress how important it is! It’s known in my house as crunch time… we have dinnertime, then bath time, then story time, then prayer/song time and then it’s lights out. If I’m being completely honest I wish I could say it’s consistent every single night but it’s not. It usually depends on what we have going on that night. But usually this is the case.
I just thought I would share this prayer with you because it’s a simple, very easy to remember, wonderful nighttime prayer that you can do with your kids. I’m sure it’s used in many, many households. We have been saying it in my house since # 1 was born and it is dear to my heart. I can see years from now my girls saying it with their children and that thought…well it brings a smile to my face.

My faith is a very important part of who I am, so praying together is a must in this house, even if it’s a simple nighttime prayer meant for kids. If you are believer, praying together is wonderful thing to do as a family.

Start a bedtime tradition if you don’t have one!

Who knows, maybe it will carry on to your kids children and so on. 🙂

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  1. We love that prayer too. A simple one we used to do at dinner time when J was little was, Come Lord Jesus be our guest and let thy gifts to us be blessed Amen. Just short enough to hold a toddlers attention lol. We also do a quick prayer on the way to school now each morning and J and I (and soon Baby girl once she catches on lol) make sure to scream at the end…and alllllll the Spitaleri’s say AMEN! Pretty sure that’s his favorite part lol. I remember one of your first apartments and listening to B go to bed and hearing her say that little night time prayer word for word. So sweet!

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