Fab Friday: Lemons



First of, I would like to apologize for not having a Fabulous Friday post last week. To be quite honest, and if you read my blog you will understand, last Friday was less than fabulous for me. But this week we are back at it and back on track.

Lemon cupcakes? That sounds delicious! I would take lemon cupcakes over lemonade any day.

Last week I was devastated. Losing my job was an all time low. It took a couple of days of really refining what I thought my life is supposed to look like. Now I have new job, already, and life is yet again headed in a new fabulous direction. I’m making cupcakes people! Life got me down but I turned around and got right back up. It all comes down to your attitude about the situation you are in. It can make or break you.

Cheers to making lemonade or cupcakes or whatever your heart desires!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 😉



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  1. Great news, I always say when one door closes another usually better one opens. Attitude is everything and girl you got that covered. Happy Weekend, enjoy those beautiful girls…

  2. I will excuse your non Friday post because I had yet to discover this blog and was not here anyway to read it. But going forward I will hold you to this Fab Friday post.

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