I know I’m right, so everything is going to be alright

68242b748063551b56614a9a075d5b4cPretty much all my life people have underestimated me and its time they realize the truth. I used to be scared of rocking the boat, and making others mad even if they deserved to hear the truth.

Truth is you can only push a person so far before they are truly done with the BS. It takes a LOT, a heck of a lot to push me to the point where I cant hide my feelings or what I want to say. So once I’m pushed to the point where I no longer care, I no longer need your approval or acceptance, then you will get all the realness.

I know much more than people realize. I have been through enough to see when I’m being lied too, when people are being fake. I have sat back and watched people for years without saying whats on my mind. For years I kept my mouth shut and went with the flow.

Now, that the world and people I put my trust in have failed me time and time again, I can honestly say I’m over it. I’m over people who don’t believe in me. I’m over people wanting to be nice to me only because they are curious about what I’m doing more than actually caring about ME. I see through people even when they think that I don’t.

I no longer have room in my life for drama or lies or games or people who pretend to care. It took a long time for me to not care, for me to stand up for what I believe is right and what is not.

So all I have to say is…. I know more than you think I do. Do not underestimate someone who no longer cares what anyone has to say, don’t underestimate someone who does not need the approval of others to know what they are doing is right because they have nothing to fear anymore.

“If you can handle the fact that people are going to be mad at you when you do what you think is right, then you’ll be alright.” -Whoopi Goldberg

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