Time away

a5e83ca86ccfc0b4945f4334ffa97311Every momma needs to get away with her babies once in a while. Its has been years since I have left the state until this past weekend where I now find myself almost 4,000 feet above sea level in the mountains.

Its perfect and amazing up here. Its quiet and quaint and a perfect place to relax and just be.

My life is full of chaos all the time. If its not running around with my three daughters, which is a given, there’s school and work and family and the stress of bills and money, the divorce, up keeping the house and relationships with family/friends. At home there is always something that has to be done.

The solution? Take a break! We all deserve one. This vacation is more than just getting away for my family. Its been about taking a break to breath, to reconnect with family, to relax, to actually spend time with my kids outside. There’s something about not having an agenda and not having to do anything. There is something about being in nature.

My vow to myself and to my girls is to get away like this at least once a year. My advice to anyone reading is the same. It’s important family time and I have loved every minute of it. It is important to take yourself and your family out of the stress and busy schedules and just be together. To take time to live life outside of the confines of  the everyday normal and make memories.

In case I don’t post again since I’m in vacation mode.. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your loved ones this holiday. 🙂

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