Taking back the holidays

Sometimes in life we experience a change.

A change so big that your life from that point forward consists of life before and a new, life after.

Divorce/separation is like that. My life has been series of weird changes for my girls and I.

The holidays have proved to be no exception to this.

I have always been a huge fan of traditions. Over the years I have tried to create family traditions for us. Often those traditions had a lot to do with what everyone else wanted…until now.

Now I find myself taking back the holidays and focusing on what’s important to me: what will be consistent year after year for my girls.

This is a chance to re-evaluate our little family traditions and how they’re going to look for the girls as they grow up. It can’t and won’t be about everyone else and whose house we are at.

It will, from this point forward, be about the 4 of us and what works best for us.

So this year we are creating new traditions. Traditions that embrace our new life. Those new traditions may be an adjustment for some of the other people in our lives but we are excited about them.

It is the time of year to think about what and who really matters. Not about how much money is spent on Christmas presents and dinners and on other things that don’t 2bc402423669186d66ba8a63a851f5admatter. Which is another lesson I’m trying to instill in my girls but they are still young.

We believe in Santa up in this house!

Traditions change as life does. Maybe your traditions are due for a change? Maybe you need to re-evaluate your holidays and think about what matters most? You may be surprised by the outcome.

Cheers to all! I hope everyone has the Christmas they deserve while remembering the real reason for the season. 🙂

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