390330ca43638972c1ea9814e10f8457No, I’m not going to get on here and start man hating. That would just make me sound like a typical girl who was done wrong and now hates all men. BUT, I would be lying through my teeth if I didn’t admit that yes, I have been done wrong, very much, by so called “men” in the last few years.

However, right now I’m going to address the difference between a man and a boy.

The term “man” is reserved for those select few who actually know how to act like one.

There are, in fact, real men out there.

I have met a few: my dad, my best friend, some of my girlfriend’s husbands.

The problem is they are very few and far between.

So what defines a man?
What separates the “man” from the “boy.”

To start a man is honest.
This is by far one of the most important characteristics in a man (and really anyone for that matter). Being honest entails a lot. It means not being fake about how you are. Like when men put up this whole act to try to impress me or other girls, I just don’t get it. The real you is going to come out eventually.

Tell the truth.
Be straight up. Like if you aren’t looking for a relationship then don’t say you are. If you don’t want to get to know me then don’t. Real men don’t say things they don’t mean. Real men don’t say things they can’t or won’t back up with their actions. Period.

The real men in my life (few as they are), do what they say they are going to do.

Real men take care of their family.
Why? Well, family is number one. If you have children then you need to take care of them. END. OF. STORY. That was a decision you made and its the most important one you will make. There is nothing worse then a man who doesn’t do what is necessary to take care of his family. A real man would work at a less than desirable job if he had to all so his family would have what they need.

Real men work.
Again, they step up and do what needs to be done. Work means providing for their family and for themselves. Work also means doing what needs to be done around the house. In this day and age women and men usually both have to work so household responsibilities are equal.

And lastly but not solely least, real men know how to treat a lady with respect.
Real men don’t put their lady in compromising situations. They don’t call women names and they don’t brag to their buddies about their woman. They should make their woman feel like she deserves the world, like she is a princess, like he is lucky to have her.

Call me old fashion if you want, but I believe all this to be true.

I have felt what is like to be with a boy, more than once. I won’t do it again. I have enough good examples around me to know the difference. I pray that my daughters will continue to have positive male role models as well. It is all too easy to fall for the wrong boy, the boy that tells you what you want to hear. A bad relationship can and often does ruin you….I speak from experience.

There really is a lot more than what I have said already when it comes to talking about the differences between a man and a boy but these are what sticks out.

I believe real men are hard to find but, they are definitely out there and definitely worth waiting for.

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