Truth be told

I’m going to step up on to my soapbox for a bit, so please pardon me if I seem a little more “all over the place” than usual.

It has come to my attention recently that “truth” can be as simple as believing what you’re saying.

In today’s world it seems the truth is harder to find than ever.

The “truth” is whatever one believes to be fact. However, I’ve found that what one seems to believe is fact does not actually necessarily have to be factual. This is very evident by the culture we live in and by the lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better about our part in creating that world.

As for me…well, I was taught from the beginning of my time on Earth that lying was one of the worst things you could do. My daddy always said as he was asking me “Did you do it?” whenever I would get myself in trouble, “Remember if you lie it’s going to make it much worse on yourself, you will be in twice as much trouble!”
Listen, he’s a teddy bear but, my daddy can be a scary guy at times… I never really wanted to find out what would happen if I did lie. The reality was it was fairly safe to assume that he or my mom already knew the truth anyway.

What I find so unbelievable is how common and easy it is for people to lie.

In the last couple of years of my life this has become a HUGE issue. Obviously the lie’s my ex-husband would tell caused our marriage to disintegrate. But, it’s not just him. People will say and make up pretty much anything in an effort to make themselves look better, or to hide the truth. It would seem that apparently in some cases the truth is just too much for some people.

I just don’t get it. I pride myself on being honest. Have I ever lied? Well yeah, there’s not a person on this earth that can say they haven’t told one lie. However, you can ask the people that know me best, I’m the worst liar. I can’t be fake. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. In fact one of my biggest flaws has been believing everyone else does too.

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Why is the truth so hard to find??

People don’t want to believe the truth. The lie is so much more intriguing. It sounds so much better and often we believe the gossip we hear rather than just ask the person themselves. People love to believe the bad things they might hear about you because it’s that much more interesting. Not to mention it helps them feel a little less bad about themselves.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the lies men and women tell each other in the dating world…

Or how about the lives we tell to ourselves. Maybe you have done something that’s not necessarily great, so you convince yourself it’s not that bad. You lie to yourself. Which is probably one of the worse forms of lying. The kind of lies where you know something to be true but literally convince yourself otherwise…essentially create your own truth. 

Truth can be what you make it.

But remember, fact is fact. We all need to accept facts as truth and move on.

Instead of hiding from the facts, accept them, and if need be, change.

I wish everyone had to live by the advice taught to me so long ago, by my daddy: lying will only make things worse.

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  1. I raised my kids on lying being the root of all evil. It begins with a lie. They received a butt spanking for 3 things. Lieing ……. Direct disobience….harming self or allowing a sibling to harm themself. As you can see Lieing was #1.
    I enjoy your writings.. Very thought provoking. And refreshing to know there are some of the milliniums who get it.

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