Yes, they are all mine

yes-theyre-all-mine-how-do-i-do-it-wine-lots-and-lots-of-wine-i-mean-love-yes-lots-and-lots-of-love-yeah-thats-right-596f3“Yep, they are all mine”

If you are a mother of three kids or more, you get this (probably a lot).
The stuff that people say to me when I’m out and about with my girls tends to drive me nuts, the looks I get don’t make things any better either.

When my ex would take all three girls out people looked at him like he was a saint. Like it was the most adorable thing ever.

“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe, look at the cute dad with his three daughters”

(gag me)

When I do it people look at me like I am one step away from being involuntarily committed to some facility.

“You know what causes that right?”

And it’s not always zingers like the one above. No, you can’t overlook the looks I get… looks that says…

“This woman is out of her mind!”

I recently read a list about what mothers of three or more kids hear the most out in public. 

It inspired me to make my own list because, I’m telling you, you would not believe the stuff that I hear when I’m out and about with my girls.

Here are my top five statements:

“Boy, you have your hands full!”
This statement usually comes with a “I feel sorry for you look” Usually because one kid is crying or trying to break out of the cart, and the other two are hiding in and out of the clothing racks.

Why, yes, I have my hands full. Thank you Captain Obvious. Thank you for pointing that out. Without you telling me that, I might forever go about my life thinking my hands were empty and that these gray hairs, sore throats from yelling and shot nerves were for nothing. Thank you for drawing me into some awkward, completely useless conversation while I’m attempting to wrestle three kids around the store while I look for some toilet paper. I truly appreciate you comment as it never occurred to me that having THIS many kids might mean I have my hands full.

“Are they all yours?”
No, I took one from the chick on aisle three when she wasn’t looking.
I mean seriously…why would I take someone else’s kids to the grocery store?
That’s just asking for my hands to be full!

“You look too young to have all those kids”
I’m sorry that you can’t see all the gray hairs sticking out of my mom bun but I have definitely earned them. While this is in a way a compliment, I sometimes take offense to it. I was of reasonable age when I got started having babies…I was not one of the stars of 16 and pregnant, thank you very much!

“Now you gotta try for a boy!”
Unless you want to pay for my fourth child, I’m good.
For one, I don’t need any more kids. I have three…I think that’s plenty! I’m might look too young to have three kids, but I’m certainly not a baby factory. People looking at me like I’m one crayon short of a set because I have three kids…I don’t think I would leave the house if I added another! And second, I’m VERY happy with having 3 girls. I don’t regret that (not like I had a choice) for one second.

Ok so number five isn’t a statement…it’s simply “the look” or the constant, steady stare of disgust.


This one drive drives me the craziest. “She needs to get those kids under control,” or “Why would you bring all your kids to the store?”

Be careful, one day I will start shouting things back at people whose glares are saying those things.
“Why don’t you just take a picture?” or “Here, have one!” I’m sure all parents can relate when taking their kids out and you get those stares from people walking by that clearly don’t have children because otherwise they would get it.

Don’t get it twisted. I know very well that most of the time these conversations are usually born from someone trying to make some polite conversation. However, I just want you to know that polite conversation is the last thing I want to do when I’m having to tow all three girls to the store.

And frankly being a single parent sometimes means the kids are all coming with me more often than not.

But, if you insist on engaging me I will still smile nicely and go about my way.

Why? Because at the end of the day, who cares what people say anyway?! 🙂

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  1. I will have to say I get these comments a lot as well, aside from the young one (which can be taken as a compliment of sorts). So it’s not just a woman that has to deal with it. I even get comments from friends, like “man you have so much patience, I don’t know how you do it. I would probably kill myself if I had to deal with three kids”. It’s unfortunate but on this day of thanks I can be thankful for all three of my beautiful girls. They give me a reason to be the best man I can be more then anything else in this world.

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