I will survive

Well damn, if that ain’t the truth.

Lately I have been thinking… thinking about survival. If there is one thing I know how to do it is survive.

Again I am definitely not here to toot my own horn. I will never be one of those people. I have, however, become one of those people who is ALWAYS going to be real.

So being real… bring it on world.

I know there are people who have been through much worse than me. And I praise them.

I also know people who haven’t a clue about what it means to merely survive or to suffer. I feel for them.

No, its not that I think everyone needs to go through something to feel something BUT there is truth to that saying “how can you appreciate the sun without having a little rain.”

I have had my share of let downs. People who you thought were the best of people prove to be only worried about themselves. I’ve been judged, laughed at, and my intelligence insulted by those I cherished most. More recently even my health has kept me down and out.

But all of it just makes me stronger.

I look at every new day as a blessing.

I still have a heart that is loving albeit much more guarded.

I know the truth about the world and how cruel it can be but still know things could always be worst.

Not much can surprise me at this point and that’s both sad and extraordinary.

Sad because seeing the truth about people you loved hurts. Extraordinary because now I know better.

God never gives us anything we can’t handle and there is always a reason in it.

I don’t always know the meaning behind every suffering but I do know that because of it I know I can survive whatever else comes my way.


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