Who cares?

I have spent most of my life caring too much about what other people think about me. If you haven’t, props to you, but you’re probably lying.

The truth is most people care a lot about what others think of them. There are a rare few who have long let go of this train of thought and I salute them. I am working to be them.

Its taken a while but I am thrilled to say I have come a long way. I think turning 30 was a big turning point, and I have had many of those moments since.

Caring too much about what others may think about my hair, or my clothes, or a HUGE one: my parenting (I could write a whole post about that and I probably will) is some what in the past for me.

People will say they don’t care but as soon as someone gives an opinion about some part of your life you question it. It happens to me all the time.

“Why do you want to do that to your hair?”

“You have a roommate who willingly watches your kids?”

“Why do you want to drive a minivan?”

“You’re getting divorced?”

My question is “Why do you care?”

When people start to put forth their negative opinions on my life my response is “Why do you care?”

It’s my life.

I’ll live MY life how I want.

I’ll raise my girls how I see fit. They are happy and healthy as can be.

I’ll cut my hair off if I want to.

I’ll rock Little Mermaid shirts and maxi dresses all day.

I’ll go to church and sing out loud.

And if I get that lily tattoo ever, it’s on MY body not anyone elses.

If I, or you, live by the opinions of others we can’t be ourselves. We are not the unique wonderful individuals that we all are. We would only be living to please others.

Others who don’t have to walk in our shoes. Others who do not have to live with the choices you make in your own life.4cb7f48b1b2d9454e6c5e37a7429ce64

Keep your negative vibes, notions, and judgments to yourself.. because I, for the first time in forever, do NOT care! 🙂

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