Cold tots

Earlier this week I came home to cold tots for dinner, as I usually do at least once a week. Who doesn’t love tater tots?

Cold ones though?

Most moms are used to eating what would normally be warm but isn’t anymore, cold food. Its usually a sign that they made sure everyone else was fed first. So I’m no newbie to eating a cold dinner.

But these cold tots are a symbol of so much more.

These tots mean that my kids ate a homecooked meal. My roommate who so graciously watches my girls at least two nights a week made sure they weren’t hungry.

These cold tots are a sign that someone else thought of me and saved me some dinner something I’m not entirely accustomed to from my marriage.

These tots remind me that I’m lucky to have someone to help my kids and I.

These cold tots are an indication that I was not home to eat with my kids. I was not home because I have to work a few nights a week since I have school in the morning.

But at least I am able to provide.

These tots emphasize the fact that because they are sitting out cold, I’m out there in the world making a way for my girls and I. That though I may not always like being away from them, this is a means to an end.

These tots mean my girls ate, I get to eat, and we all made it through another day.

These tots mean I am blessed. Its about being able to appreciate the little things in life. Sometimes the  things others take advantage of.

So I’ll take these cold tots any day!

I can always heat them up.. 😉


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