Know your worth


It has taken a LONG time to truly see my own worth. I know now after a lot of soul searching, a lot of being put down, and being able to crawl back from being so brokenhearted, that I’m worth more than I have given myself credit for.

There’s always someone who is better at something than I am.

Better at parenting.
Better at being funny.
Better at being more likable.
Someone who is wiser.
And even someone who is more knowledgeable than I am.

But there’s only one me. I’m unique and I’m worth more than others have made me out to be.

It’s still a struggle…I am a work in progress.

But, I can say one thing: I’ll never explain or defend my worth to anyone else, ever again.

I’ll never fight so hard for someone else to appreciate me and all I have to give.

If someone can’t see the greatness in me I don’t need them. The same goes for you. You’re great, and if someone can’t see that then you don’t need them either.

I love this quote because I have applied it to my own life in more ways than one.

There’s a difference between fighting for yourself and fighting for a relationship you believe in. If you have to fight for someone else to believe in your worth than you need to walk away because that person doesn’t see you for you and they likely never will.

Knowing your worth is such a powerful thing. If you believe in you there’s nothing you can’t do. (And though I love poems, that was not meant to rhyme)

When you KNOW your worth then you won’t let people bring you down.

You won’t get taken advantage of.

You won’t get in situations where others and even yourself have to question your integrity.

I know I’m worth happiness, and love, and being appreciated…. and so are you!

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