Fab Friday: No

b3d173afcf07ed84a05d13192f0fc3b2Standing up for yourself doesn’t make you a bad person. Just because you tell someone no doesn’t make you a bad person either.

Nice and kind people are allowed to say no.

No, you aren’t going to take advantage of me.

No, I will not let you treat me like that or talk to me that way.

I value myself so if I say no, I probably have a really good reason for saying no.

People who don’t get this concept are likely to get walked all over, so be careful that isn’t you.

Hope everyone makes this weekend fabulous… remember you are allowed to say no!

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  1. I find myself having to do this with the kids all the time. If I said yes every time I would be buying a storage unit just to hold all the toys and other items they asked for. Not to mention the endless amounts of candy they would eat. Lol

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