Keeping Going

I have a tendency to be a bit lazy… See, I can admit it! My problem I found is not being able to always follow through.

It isn’t easy to admit your own faults sometimes. But isn’t that the first step to solving a problem? Admitting that you have one?

I suppose the next step would be to find a solution. A clear cut, quick and easy cure all.

But how? How do I come up with a way to solve my biggest problem of not following through on projects, like that novel I started and stopped, or my fitness goals? A solution to finally go after and get the thing I want so badly that seems just out of my reach…

People always look for motivation. But I heard somewhere that motivation is useless. It doesn’t always last. So what are we left to do then?

Honestly, to me, as are most of my issues, it has always been a big mind game. I have many little conversations in my head when it comes to doing the thing I need, essentially the thing I want, before I do or don’t do the thing.

Take working out/dieting for instance…

“I’ll get like an hour extra of sleep if I don’t get up right now and sleep is important!”

“I’m really ok with my body”

“One chocolate chip muffin won’t hurt”

And so it goes… excuse after excuse of why I fall off the wagon while trying to chase after the thing I want. I started strong but then I let myself get in the way of my own self!!

I said it once before I am my worst critic. I am the hardest on myself. So when I start slipping on not following through on my goals I inevitably end up beating myself up and getting angry/upset with me! Its slippery slope because I’m going and going and then slowly I fall a little and then a little more and then I’m back to my old ways of not getting a thing accomplished.

So where IS the solution? What is a lasting motivation to keep going?

In the words of Nike… just do it.

You just have to get up even when you don’t want too.

No one ever regrets working out.

No one ever regrets doing something, anything towards their goals… For me, even writing one little paragraph in that damn book is a tiny step closer than I was the day before.

There is no secret to success. The biggest obstacle is just getting up and actually doing it. Not talking about it. Not posting a ton of motivational stuff on social media, but actually being that motivation. Putting your words into actions.

Just keep going. Even if you are moving at a snails pace at least you are moving. That is sometimes the hardest part. Because even the snail will reach the end point one day faster than the person who just has a big mouth but isn’t moving at all.

So that is it. I have to be my own motivation. I have to know that any progress is better than nothing. That if I keep putting off my goals and never following through, I will never have the life I want.

As Dory said it so well.. “Just keep swimming”


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