The “I miss you” Text

“I just miss you”

Ever got this text from an old flame before? (does anyone use the term ‘old flame’ anymore?)

I’m guessing you probably have. And if you are feeling lonely, don’t fall into this trap!

It is a joke. He misses you now that he has no one else. He only misses you because he is feeling lonely and thinks you are weak enough to give into his BS.

Ladies, if he missed you, he would prove it. And not with some cheesy words followed up by how much he misses just talking to you.

I may have received one of these recently. Ok, I did. I admit it.

I may have responded to this message, but not positively. Then I realized me even responding to him only gave him fuel to keep on with the conversation, it only gave him hope.

These “I miss you” dudes don’t need hope.

There is a reason you aren’t with them. There are good reasons he is in your past.

And if that’s not enough this guy had to email me as my number as long since been changed and he couldn’t even get a hold of me that way. Which tells you he wasn’t important enough for me to carry his contact info over into my new phone. 😉

If a guy wants you, there’s nothing that’s going to keep him from you.

If a guy truly respects you, he won’t need to send an “I miss you” text three years later. He would not have let you slip away.

Always remember this.. the “I miss you” text is because he misses someone next to him and your name was next on his list.

Don’t give in, because you are worth more than a silly text 3 years too late, and so am I.

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