My life consists of a series of arguments with tiny people, coffee filled mornings, periodic chats with the man upstairs, and a never ending battle of will I or wont I be working out today and avoiding chocolate cake like the plague. I’m a single mother of three glorious little beauties that I’m lucky to call all mine. But that’s not the only way to define who I am, though you couldn’t possibly know me without knowing being a mother is my greatest, most challenging, and wonderful piece of who I am. I’m also a lover of Jesus, but make no mistake I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. Meaning – I make mistakes, I sometimes have a potty mouth, and I enjoy videos of people falling down. I’m Christian, yes, but I also don’t let that put me in a box. I try not to judge others based on their sexual preference, how they live their life, or what religion they chose to believe in. I’m just a girl and no one thing can define me.

I am however a person who has been known to lock her keys in the car more than once (more than twice, or three times;)), I love reading though I have several unopened, unread books on my shelves. I have a obsession with all things Disney and Harry Potter. I love dark chocolate and gummy bears though my current diet ( or any diet I’m sure) prohibits things like that. Sad face. I’m a beach babe and love traveling, though its not something I do a lot of yet. I don’t mind spending my entire day in bed watching old movies but lets face it, I’m a mom and that doesn’t happen very often. My girls and I have dance parties in my living room, are the loudest in most Targets in the area, and leave messes whenever we go out to eat, scream at the sight of any bug big or small, have secret kissy faces and water gun fights.. I kiss boo boos, wipe butts, am a referee and a coach, a costume designer, a keeper of mommy magic- all part of the job. I’m also known for being clumsy and one of the smartest dumb people you will ever meet ( the person said this about me out of love I swear.. I can be a bit ditsy, but it’s part of the charm). I like to create things and like to take on mini home projects. Sometimes I’m indecisive and have some lazy tendencies but I’m a work in progress. My talents include knowing way too much about actors and actresses lives, quoting Will Ferrell and Friends too much, braiding my kids hair and reorganizing their rooms all too often, singing loudly in the car to the point of annoying my children, and talking too much during movies ( I have lots of questions!). I do believe in the power of love and that it is our greatest calling. To love like Jesus is no easy task but I’m up for it. Its been a real trying thing to do in my life as of late. But showing loving and compassion for everyone, no matter what is the only thing that’s going to gets us through this magical thing called life.

So if you had to define me I would say I’m the kind of person who still believes in love even after heartbreak, who has compassion for people and understands sometimes you can only meet people where they are at. A person who laughs at inappropriate times but never to make fun of someone. The kind of person who thinks perfection is overrated but is always striving to be my best self. A mom who loves her kids more than life and believes dreams are never to far away to achieve them.

I started this little blog of mine because I love writing, I have kept a diary since age 11, and so its therapeutic. But what I found was many people really liked what I have to say, not everyone and that’s ok too. I keep it real. I couldn’t be fake if I tried, my face won’t allow it. I’m just a terrible liar which translates to me always striving to be open and honest. I think people also resonated with my stories because I’m not the only one who has been a single mom. I’m not the only one who was in an abusive relationship/marriage. I’m not the only one who struggles or has been through deep depression. I’m sure I’m not the only who has been let down by online dating, or just dating in general. I’m not the only one who has funny antidotes about being a parent or has parenting struggles. And I’m not the only one who sees life for all its endless possibilities. But I am the only who can tell my story. I’m not an expert by any means, I can only speak from my experiences.

So if you can relate to any of that, there’s always going to be something for ya on this here lil blog of mine. Throughout these pages you will hear various parts of my journey as well as others I admire from time to time. And if you are creative like me you can check out some of my mini home décor projects, love projects, or kid friendly stuff pages I have as well.

Feel free to comment or share whatever you find you like on here.. I do appreciate ALL feedback!

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  1. The blog is AWESOME!!! Congrats on starting this little journey within your (already) very big journey! Can’t wait to read more! I feel like I’m going to know everything in advance of margaritas now! Love and hugs to Momma C and babies one, two and three!

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