My life consists of a series of arguments with little humans, coffee filled mornings, periodic chats with the man upstairs, and a never ending battle of will I or won’t I be working out today. I’m a single mother of three little girls that insist on growing up (my attempts to keep them little have failed miserably). Being a mother has been the greatest, most challenging, wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. Being a mother is who I am, but its not the only thing I am. I am a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a person who wants ice cream every night before bed. In my house we serve the Lord. I am not perfect. As humans we are all flawed and its not my place to judge others based on mistakes they have made, who they love,  their political views, or if they are those weird morning people.

My hobbies include: collecting books that I don’t read, braiding my kids hair, singing loudly in the car or making up my own songs doing normal chores, reorganizing my home a lot, talking during movies, longing for girls night out (I don’t have much free time), loving anything Disney or Harry Potter related, drinking coffee, netflix and chilling alone (which just means I’m obviously single), being crafty, going to concerts or plays when I can, and just being in the moment with my girls. I also live in a real life full house situation in which I have a male roommate who is, get this, just a friend (people don’t understand this concept at all), my grandmother who I care for, and along with my 3 girls, we have 3 cats!

I want to leave the world better than when I found it. I believe in kindness. I want to write about it all. I want to share my experiences with you in the hopes that you don’t feel alone and that you can relate. I want to offer some hope that even though things are hard they can get better. I started this blog because writing has always been therapeutic for me. I am a domestic abuse survivor. I have been depressed. I am divorced. I have been let down by friends and family. I am a single mother. I have had my fair share of struggles… but I also know life is what you make of it. And I’m not alone in this life. I am not the only one who has been through something or struggled. So I share my life with you on this blog so we can go through it together. This is my story and I hope you find something in it you can relate too. Maybe you will laugh, maybe you will cry but I lay it all out regardless, take it or leave it! 🙂

Feel free to comment or share whatever you find you like on here.. I do appreciate ALL feedback!

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  1. The blog is AWESOME!!! Congrats on starting this little journey within your (already) very big journey! Can’t wait to read more! I feel like I’m going to know everything in advance of margaritas now! Love and hugs to Momma C and babies one, two and three!

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